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Coaches Code of Conduct

All coaches are reminded that they are responsible for the conduct of their players. Improper conduct in the judgment of the game officials or field supervisors, on the part of any player, coach, or spectator may result in penalization, expulsion, suspension, or forfeiture of the game. The coach is responsible for the conduct of his team prior to, during and after a game.

Code of Conduct Letter:

1. If a disturbance or fight between players breaks out on the field or court, NO ONE - INCLUDING THE COACES, TEAM ASSISTANTS, CHAIN-GANG nor PLAYERS will come onto the field to assist. The players on the field should restrain their teammates and the officials will disqualify players as needed. If coaches, team assistant, substitute players, etc comes onto the field; they will be ejected from the game and suspended from the next scheduled game or permanently from PGCBGC.

2. At no time will an opposing coach make contact with an opposing player or coach. This policy is of special concern when a disturbance breaks out on the field and the coach rushes out on the field to break it up. The spectators do not know who the coach is and only see someone running on the field or court and they think they should do the same. Once a parent sees a coach grab an opposing player then they are ready to escalate the disturbance for touching their child. Therefore, coaches are forbidden from running on the field or court except for when a time-out has been called.

3. Any player who removes his football helmet and uses it as a weapon will be suspended indefinitely.

4. There is no reason for a coach or anyone else to approach an official after the game has ended. If a coach is dissatisfied with the officiating then they should fill out an Official Evaluation Form, have it signed by their Commissioner or Club President and submitted to the county for evaluation. The official’s name is not required. Just a brief description of the official, date of the game, location where the game is played and time is all you need. The county working with the officiating organization can find out the names of the officials involved. Please remember- Judgment calls can not be protested.

5. Only authorized personnel with county issued ID badges are allowed to be on the field (with the team in front of the restraining ropes) or on the basketball court.