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Information for Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Moms

Please check under this section for important information that is necessary for you to coach our PGCBGC teams.   Use the links under the Coaches tab to complete your Coaching or Team Mom requirements.


                                                                                 1. Pass Background Check!

                                                                            2. Pass USA FOOTBALL Online Training & Test!

                                                                            3. Receive PGCBGC ID Badge!

                                                                            4. Receive PGCBGC Player IDs!

                                                                            5. Submit Rosters!

                                                                            6. Report Your Scores!

All Coaches and Assistant Coaches MUST have passed a Background Check and USA FOOTBALL Training (including the USA FOOTBALL ONLINE Test) before they are allowed to coach. Once completed, you can apply for your

 PGCBGC ID Badge that must be worn at all times while on the field. This must be taken care of before your season begins.

You will NOT be allowed to coach WITHOUT your PGCBGC ID Badge!

Coaches cannot be on the field or court without a PGCBGC issued Official Photo ID Badge!

To obtain a PGCBGC Official Photo ID Badge- All Coaches MUST:

                                                   • Pass the USA FOOTBALL and ASEP for all other sports online course & test

                                                   • Have a BACKGROUND CHECK

                                                   • Obtain an Official Photo ID BADGE from the PGCBGC office

Coaches are responsible for making sure all players on a team are registered and have been issued an PGCBGC issued Official Laminated ID Card (Yellow Card).

Your Players MUST:

                                                                    • Have an Official Laminated ID CARD

                                                                    • Be on your team roster

Please follow the appropriate steps to avoid confusion or the possibility of a forfeited game or season.